Authors Feedback to Other Authors

Last month, I joined a local writing group. I thought the local club was a”Writer’s Club,” and yes, there were published writers there, many screenplays, novels, etc., that was not what the group was around. It took me a couple of meetings to figure out this. The team was really about getting people to write, feel confident, enhance their abilities, and possibly even become a writer someday.

Perhaps to better Explain it, the team was comparable to Toastmasters for those wanting to become public speakers or a literacy group provided at most public libraries. Unfortunately, I’m not so good at teaching, but I have over time turned into a passable writer; after all, you’re reading this report.

Another day, a Fellow expert article writer explained, “You are an inspiration. You’ve challenged me and encouraged me. Thank you for calling me Katheryn the great and putting things in perspective. Many times once I begin, I have a few minutes of self-doubt. My 90-day goal today is to get past 300. Thank you for your quick reply and encouragement. I will drop you a note on my progress toward 300, and then 1500.”

Currently, I am Closing in on 30,500 posts to place her remark in context. Interestingly enough, I do not see myself as a teacher or even an incentive for other authors, even though some see me as such, so I explained to my fellow author whose articles seem to be better written than mine;

Oh, well, I was not trying to be motivational to maintain a mirror before you. Therefore, you could see yourself and your preferred purpose for writing in greater focus. I’ve seen how easy it is to get caught up in the challenges of composing and forget the fire which drove you to write in the first place – crisis and opportunity are the very same characters, yin and yang. Since hardship builds character, I would not want one without the other; I wish to live the entire spectrum of the life experience, which is often the street most worthy, and you must travel uphill to get into the better view.

Yes, the view is nice up here in the peak of the mountain for internet article content, but it was The travel that I hold as most important; consequently, when I see other people on their journey achieve their objectives and fire, all I can say is way to Move, and Never Give Up! I hope you’ll please think about all this and consider it.