Face Mask

Sometimes I get the urge to wear a face mask, and the final thing I wish to do is drive to the supermarket to pick up one. Thankfully I have experimented with some DIY face masks and happened to find one that I’d even use instead of a store-bought mask!

There’s a natural trend Happening in skincare right now, and the great news is you do not need to pay big money for this. I realized I have never shared my favorite DIY face mask with you guys, and it’s about time that I should!

I like this mask as it soothes redness and does not leave my skin feeling tight. Some masks have many advantages but are almost too powerful for my skin — you pay the purchase price by skin feeling educated or irritated after.

This mask leaves my skin feeling fresh, soothed, and hydrated. There is nothing that can damage your skin if left on too long, which is a bonus. Plus, I’m confident you have these three ingredients in your kitchen — there is nothing fancy about them, but they do work wonders! The components in this mask are honey, lemon, and green tea. Before I go into creating it, allow me to explain the benefits of the ingredients.

Green tea is regarded as significant for your interiors and outsides. There are lots of green tea-based beauty products already on the market. But there is nothing special about the tea they have used — any green tea (teabag or looseleaf) will do just fine! It soothes skin and contains antioxidants, which can be so valuable. If you would like to go all out, you can even bathe in it!

Another way to make this face mask is to use chamomile tea rather than green tea, which also contains remarkable antibacterial and soothing skin benefits.

Honey is also known for its Antibacterial and soothing nature. It’s ideal to use pure, unprocessed honey in case you’ve got it. The valuable pieces of honey are often lessened during the processing period.

Lemon is brightening, the Same as skincare Products, which use Vitamin C or citric acid. Additionally, it is antibacterial and is excellent for treating blackheads and acne naturally.

The Way to Make this DIY Face Mask:

Firstly, I’ll brew some green tea with as little water as possible — just enough to pay for the bag (or leaves). Please leave it in the water for a couple of minutes to get the most from it. Using just a little bit of water concentrates the green tea. Then, I will combine green tea and honey in a small container, adding a squeeze of lemon juice.


When You Have a disposable Face mask fabric, soak it in the mix and place the mask on your face. An option would be to paint’ the mixture on your skin with a level, clean makeup brush. Leave the mask on for 20 minutes to half an hour. Wipe off with a washer and feel how refreshing and soothing your skin looks!


This DIY face mask is among my favorites for a night. I love that you don’t have To be concerned about what you are putting in your face, and I can pronounce all the ingredients, unlike a few of the bottles at the beauty aisle!