How to Unclothe a Woman Just with Eyes?

Recently, a friend of mine confessed that he always undressed her with his eyes when he saw a woman or met her once at a party or a function. He fantasized about how she’d look without clothing, without her sari and blouse. He further explained that he’d also imagine how she would look with her lingerie and occasionally wondered whether she had been wearing any at all. He asked me whether it was normal for him or something was wrong.

I’ve thought of The issue and wondered about it. The spiritual books tell us not to look at a girl for carnal pleasure, but faith is a manual, and I am afraid it does not take good human nature. Human nature is complex, and I don’t think anyone can divine how it functions.

Human nature goes Using a mood’ of a man or woman.

The fact that must Be valued is that women have a considerable attraction for men. I believe this is right and appropriate unless you’re gay. A super force ordains this call it God or whatever you may. This attraction is based on society, and without it, the human race would become extinct in a few centuries. Thus let’s accept that fascination is normal and desirable. Women also need this as it is part of biology. What would happen if no men wanted women? No man courted a girl? I believe a girl would feel unhappy.

It’s coming down To the dream part. It is perfectly normal for a fair and god-fearing man to look at a girl and covet her. Before he can do that, it is natural for a person to feel how the woman would look without clothing. It is a harmless fantasy and makes life so interesting. Many may feel it wrong or untrue, but I am sure women also accept it. Thus, I advised my friend not to worry because it’s a typical sex and imagination outlet.

The Final Result

Yes! It is a part of Sex, and without it, all of us would not be here. So let the guilt complex go from your mind. It is a part of human nature. Can we get it over? I see no reason for This to occur as it goes against the physiology of man. So let this harmless delight continue. That’s all I can say