Winter Dressing Vintage

The Way to dress vintage when It is chilly is a nagging question I’ve been searching for an answer to for the last couple of decades, and I think I have finally got it!

It is all nice and dandy to wear your favorite classic suit or Slacks under a lightweight coat if the Fall and Winter temperature is light. If it gets to — 5ºC, however, and you have an extremely low tolerance to cold, the notion of swapping your trendy boots for a pair of UGGs sounds better and better the colder it gets.

Staying warm without undermining vintage style can be rather Catchy, but I have few ideas which could help my fellow classic ladies.

Strategies for how to dress classic when it is cold

Proper undergarments are the secret to staying warm in Winter. I typically purchase my lightweight Merino wool shirt and leggings from an equestrian store, and believe me when I state they are a real lifesaver on colder days. Getting warm but thin enough to wear under fitted antique clothes, they do not cause any undesired bulkiness. I also recommend panties for ski, since it will insulate you while wicking moisture away from your body.

I like to wear tights up to stockings, particularly when they have an interesting pattern, which is why Wolford is my number one brand regarding pantyhose. They keep my legs warm and are the perfect accessory for any antique outfit, giving it this slightly modern twist.

I purchase many 1940s and 1950s skirt suits and separates made of wool, which is only irreplaceable in the colder months!

Wearing a cape in addition to a coat is an exceptional idea. I have been collecting antique and classic mantles for many years, but a vintage-inspired one will also work. Winter gloves and muff are essential! I am now considering making one, so stay tuned!

Finding Winter appropriate shoes that will go with my 1930s-1950s ensembles still feels like a mission impossible. The pretty ones are not warm enough, and also the warm ones are not pretty enough to match with classic garments. But, I did find what sounds like the best answer to wearing beautiful shoes rather than freezing to death. Sheepskin insoles! You can locate them in almost any size, and they’ll keep your toes toasty!

Cover your ears! Earmuffs seem to be the preferred option for cold weather for lots of the vintage women I know. However, I seem rather terrible wearing them, so they aren’t an option for everybody.

A faux or real fur coat is the perfect alternative or a substitute for a hat and a scarf. An enormous collar found in several 1920s coats will protect the neck and head from cold wind. I am currently working on an idea to produce a giant, faux fur detachable collar.

  • Once You feel cold, despite following all of my tips and suggestions, The last resort is to purchase a large piece of fleece or wool fabric and put it in your coat. As an alternative, you can think about moving somewhere warm for the duration of colder months.
  • Whichever option you choose, remember that Spring is Just a few months away.
  • On this chilly Autumn afternoon, I opted for;
  • A 1940s kilt suit made of maroon and green wool houndstooth tweed I purchased from Bride Of The Fox.
  • A 1950s hair snood is a Superb solution for keeping the classic Hairstyle undamaged during windy days.
  • Lea Wolford tights.